Our philosophy, “Art within reach”, reflects our desire to bring the beauty of fused glass into your home and life affordably.

What is it about glass? Is it the seemingly endless colors you can find or turn it into? Is it the way it catches light? Or the infinite ways you can shape it. Or maybe it is because it can be endlessly repurposed: you can melt and re-melt glass and it still maintains its integrity and beauty. So what is it about glass that draws so many people to it? I think the answer depends on the person, but I can say with certainty that we are completely hooked!

And who is the "we" I'm referring to? We are a husband and wife team having the time of our lives creating handcrafted and unique fused, stained and repurposed glass art, to fit every budget! We work hard to find the best prices on our raw materials so that we can keep our prices lowest for you. We have been recycling and repurposing for close to 30 years, shopping thrift stores, Craigslist ads and yard sales to give new life to gently owned items. Now we are doing the same with glass art.

For instance, we found a great deal on glass and glass art equipment from a nice gentleman who had moved on to ceramic art and was making room for his new hobby and we traded a couple of our art pieces with a man who had beveled glass pieces for sale that will make nice base plates for some of our bigger pieces. We have many other stories like this one, all with the same happy ending: finding the best possible deals on raw materials so that we can experiment more with glass, while still keeping art within reach of all other glass junkies everywhere! :-)

For more about our story you may find this article interesting: http://www.eccalifornian.com/article/artistic-glassworks-cutting-edge<br />
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Artfully yours,
June & Michael Dudas

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